Battle For Valhalla Tuesday, March 21st, 2017 5v5 Conquest

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Battle For Valhalla

Tuesday, March 21st, 2017

5v5 Conquest


Tournament Info

Battle for Valhalla is SMITECentral's weekly circuit 5v5 Conquest tournament, which has completely open registration. The first 3 Tuesday of each month is open registration where players compete for circuit points and small amount of gems. After the 3 days of open brackets, we have our championship tournament which invites the top 16 teams that competed in the open brackets, whom play for a huge gem prize pool. All teams of any skill level(excluding SPL) are welcomed to participate and encouraged to do so in order to improve.

NOTE: This is a PC tournament.


Game Mode

  • Match Selection: Conquest

  • Team Size: 5v5

  • Starting Level: 1

  • God Picking Method: Draft - Conquest

  • Starting Gold: 1500


  • Date: Tuesday, March 21st, 2017

  • Check-in: 6:00 PM - 6:50 PM Eastern Time (U.S.)

  • Registration Ends:  6:50 PM Eastern Time (U.S.)

    • ​Late Checkins: 6:50 PM - 7:00 PM Eastern Time (U.S)

      • Will be set to lowest seed

    • Roster changes allowed till 7:00 PM

  • Tournament Start:  7:00 PM Eastern Time (U.S.)

Gem Prizing

  • 1st place: 125 gems per player + SMITECentral Player Icons

  • 2nd place: 80 gems per player + SMITECentral Player Icons

  • 3rd place: 60 gems per player

This is gem prizing for open brackets only, closed brackets which are open to only the top 16 teams have a bigger prize pool.

Circuit Points

  • 1st place: 18 points

  • 2nd place: 15 points

  • 3rd place: 12 points

  • 4th place: 10 points

  • 5th-8th place: 8 points

  • 9th-16th place: 5 points

  • 17th-32nd place: 3 points

  • Beyond 32nd: 0 points

How To Register



  • To successfully register for the tournament, each team will need to select a captain that will serve as the voice of the team and speak with the admins. The captain must be a player.

  • The team captain will be responsible for submitting the team's intent to compete as well as being the correspondent for reporting match results.

  • Please put your team name and full roster in the comments at the bottom of the page, using the format provided below.

    • Team Name:

    • Captain's In-game Name:

    • Captain's Discord Name:

    • Roster:

    • Subs: (if any)


  • In order to check-in, the team captain needs to download Discord and join the SMITECentral server by clicking here.

  • The captain must join the right channel, "#battle_for_valhalla," using the panel on the left.

  • Teams are required to check-in during the window between 6:00 - 6:50 PM EST on the day of the tournament.

  • During this window of time, team captains will need to fill out a Google Form, which an admin will link at 6:00 PM EST in Discord (never earlier).

  • Failure to check-in means your team will not be placed in the bracket.

Match & Pause Reporting

  • All match results and team pauses should be reported in the #matchreports channel.

    • For match results, the WINNING team only should submit the match results with the Match ID in the following format: (your team name) WIN - Game ID

  • For pauses, please report them in #matchreports and in the following format: Pause - (your team name) - Game Time

    • ​When unpausing, simply say: (your team name) unpausing

  • ​Failure to report match results and/or game pauses will result in warnings, and may culminate in disqualification for repeated offenses.

Video Tutorial





Questions or Concerns? - Contact Us


Frequently Asked Questions can be found here. We advise that you read this before asking an Admin any questions.


Feel free to contact the Tournament Manager via


Twitter: @SCJithins

Discord: Jithins#6924


Help support our staff, they work really hard and all this donations go to them. Our monthly goal is $100 a month

Click here to donate to our admins, casters, and production


About The Author


Jithin Sunny

My name is Jithin Sunny, I go by the ign jithins in Smite and almost every other games. I manage SMITECentral Tournaments. If you have any questions please be sure to emai... More...


  • avatar
    Madness Gaming posted 03/21/17 08:58 AM EST

    • Team Name: Madness Acolyte

    • Captain's In-game Name: mrhack12

    • Captain's Discord Name: Mr.Hack#4778

    • Roster: AComcastEmployee, VigorousManiac, mrhack12, tophattaco15, Sørin

    • Subs:  Férocity

  • avatar
    Sean Shepherd posted 03/21/17 10:48 AM EST

    • Team Name: ReMade Esports

    • Captain's In-game Name: Trioculate

    • Captain's Discord Name:[ReMade]Trioculate#7641

    • Roster: FrostFireNinja, Trioculate, MUMSIE, MinorThret, Whatchamacalit

    • Subs:

  • avatar
    Richard Lee posted 03/21/17 11:32 AM EST

    • Team Name: Corn Gang

    • Captain's In-game Name: Dansland

    • Captain's Discord Name:DansLand

    • Roster: DansLand, Haithi, Brandoopity, Kyrmi, BartzKlauzer
    • Subs: Catmanpants, Deancol, 

    • avatar
      Richard Lee posted 03/21/17 12:06 PM EST

      Add Djbernicus as sub

    • avatar
      Richard Lee posted 03/21/17 12:34 PM EST

      Replace Haithi with Giraffe

  • avatar
    Josiah Wells posted 03/21/17 11:56 AM EST

    Team name: Beautiful Pharmaceuticals

    Captain's in-game name: Mojocat

    Captain's Discord name: Mojocat#1951

    Roster: Norse, Mojocat, Glitchhop, Callmemaybe, Pieceman

    Subs: pernG, Chichiboy, Spacetravel

  • avatar
    Augie Conte posted 03/21/17 12:23 PM EST

    • Team Name: TugMoi

    • Captain's In-game Name: Augieee

    • Captain's Discord Name: Augie#7459

    • Roster: Augieee, falloutzora, extramacsauce, callmerich, avcazas

    • Subs: golfer8383, iburnchurches

  • avatar
    ninjarex posted 03/21/17 12:45 PM EST

    Team Name: Vampire weakStab

    Captain's In-game Name: NinjaRex

    Captain's Discord Name: NinjaRex#1954

    Roster: NinjaRex, Zachmaul, Speed, BedazzledMonkey, CrimR3ap3r

    Subs: nacnudthedemopan

  • avatar
    noisemakerfa posted 03/21/17 01:01 PM EST

    Team Name: The Boy Scouts
    Captain's IGN: Outlaw
    Cpatin's Discord: Outlaw#7392
    Roster: Noise, Outlaw, Splyced, Mashy, Seadragon
    Subs: Fireballninja, Psionic

  • avatar
    Zach Kielb posted 03/21/17 01:15 PM EST

    team name: einherjar green
    Captian IGN : NopeFather
    Captians discord: nopefather#6537
    roster : NopeFather , jakobl123 , landonitis , inquisitar , brokenleg98
    subs youneedtowardtoo

  • avatar
    Brendan Murray posted 03/21/17 01:19 PM EST

    Team Name: CUBBIC
    Captain's IGN: Born
    Cpatin's Discord: Bom#8608
    Roster: Born, Wolp, Cubic, Plazma, Laedo
    Subs: Soriv, GlazeyB, NOTAquarius

  • avatar
    Seth Owens posted 03/21/17 01:23 PM EST

    Team name: Nautilus Gaming
    Captian IGN : Glenot
    Captians discord: Themythica1 #1912
    Roster : Ambroose, Glenot, TiG2Strong, Daniel0899, Visgatis
    Subs: Chriss, Neopolitan

  • avatar
    Bryan Reyna posted 03/21/17 01:29 PM EST

    • Team Name: Fear the Night

    • Captain's In-game Name:Atraw 

    • Captain's Discord Name:Atraw#2255

    • Roster:Atraw,Twizzix, EddieVedder, Trypno, Brandoopity

    • Subs: (if any)

  • avatar
    Austin Eck posted 03/21/17 01:30 PM EST

    Team Name: Einherjar Gold
    Captain's IGN: DangerN00dle
    Captain's Discord: Ganglysnaps
    Roster: DangerN00dle, Sovereign36, ChakaZulou, Freetimes1, Brickk
    Subs: ltjgPliskin, wprprodigy99

  • avatar
    Andrew Jones posted 03/21/17 01:48 PM EST

    • Team Name: Take The Throne

    • Captain's In-game Name: DJakademiks

    • Captain's Discord Name: AndrewCanDoAll#7385

    • Roster: Rama, Drfeelsogood, Mithradates, Glaivus, Armstid

    • Subs: (if any) Awesomejake408, DJakademiks

  • avatar
    Damian Lucarelli posted 03/21/17 01:57 PM EST

    • Team Name: The Swamp

    • Captain's In-game Name: Damiann

    • Captain's Discord Name: Damiann #5065

    • Roster: Damiann. Myelle250, Quinlans, ThugLife4Life, Jperni123

  • avatar
    Hulio Nomayo posted 03/21/17 02:03 PM EST

    Team name: Bad Company

    Captain's In-game Name: AnHulian

    Captain's Discord Name: anhulian#4909

    Roster: ClayCity, PICONATOR, ThroatSlammer, AnHulian, Zekroui

    Subs: N0tSalty, minijibbleflab, Solslaw

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