Battle of the Mortals | Wednesday February 22nd | 1v1 - Duel

Sunday, Feb 19 2017  -   Jithin Sunny 2 Comments

Battle of the Mortals

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017

1v1 Duel - FaceIT


Tournament Info

Battle of the Mortals is a weekly tournament, that awards players with FaceIt points for winning. This is a single elimination tournament with a best of 3 finals


To start registration for BOTM 1v1 Duel Tournament, first make a SMITECentral account. Then on the bottom of the page make a comment with the following information.

  • Player Name:

  • Player's FaceIt:

  • Player's Discord:

Then head over to the FaceIt portion, and click on join.

Prizing (per player)

  • 1st place: 800 FaceIT points +SMITECentral Player Icons

  • 2nd place: 400 FaceIT points +SMITECentral Player Icons

  • 3rd place: 150 FaceIT points

  • 4th place: 150 FaceIT points


Feel free to contact the Tournament Manager via

  • EMail:

  • Twitter: @SCJithins

  • Discord: Jithins#6924


Help support our staff, they work really hard and all this donations go to them. Our monthly goal is $100 a month

Click here to donate to our admins, casters, and production






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Jithin Sunny

My name is Jithin Sunny, I go by the ign jithins in Smite and almost every other games. I manage SMITECentral Tournaments. If you have any questions please be sure to emai... More...


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    Brent Spryt posted 02/21/17 01:19 AM EST

    • Player Name: Zenef/brent1

    • Player's FaceIt: brentolento

    • Player's Discord: zenef(#8509)

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    Gage B posted 02/22/17 01:12 PM EST

    Player Name : Tracer
    Player's FaceIt : TahkoKatt
    Player's Discord : Tahko#8425

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