SMITE LAN to Conclude With Medieval Obstacle Course

Monday, Aug 29 2016  -   Spiff Sinister 0 Comment

ALPHARETTA, GA—Made to look like a medieval fairground, the local woodland surrounding Hi-Rez Studios now serves as part of “The Gauntlet”, a grueling LAN event to better determine the kings of SMITE. The Gauntlet will test competitors mechanical skill as well as their ability to dodge a gigantic swinging axe. “We really wanted to push the boundaries this split and what better way to do that than with a fire-breathing dragon?” said Hi-Rez Studios’ Marketing Director Andy Anderson. Anderson believes players will be preparing harder than ever before. “In the past, doing poorly at a SMITE LAN meant being made fun of on R/Smite. Now? You might take an arrow to the face.” 


Players and coaches were informed of the new LAN format well before its announcement and are overwhelmingly supportive of the decision. “I think for me, I am so used to seeing Marauder die at this point that I won’t be affected if he gets taken out during The Gauntlet,” said Enemy Captain and Support PainDeViande. “Besides, I’ve already got a backup plan in case any of my guys fall. I was planning on replacing most of them by the end of the split anyway.” 

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