NRG Offers Youngbae As Human Sacrifice In Exchange For 2nd SWC Win

Wednesday, Jan 04 2017  -   Spiff Sinister 0 Comment

Washing his hands clean of any leftover blood, a stoic Craig “Raffer” Rathbone completed the team’s annual sacrifice to the gods. “Basically if we do this, we are guaranteed to win,” said Rathbone. “I don’t remember exactly how we managed to get this deal…we negotiated before our first SWC and honestly, one sacrifice per year is a steal if you ask me.” Raffer made it clear that the ritual was the key to the team’s success. “What, did you think that we got here as a result of countless hours spent practicing? Haha..yeah no, we made a pact with the gods.” NRG recently brought on Joakim "Zyrhoes" Verngren in light of the ritual. “Last year we offered some random in bronze and the gods weren’t going for that this year. Youngbae did a good job as coach and he deserved a promotion.”

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