New Relic Lets You Instantly Regret Queueing

Friday, Mar 17 2017  -   Spiff Sinister 0 Comment

ALPHARETTA, GA—Following several minutes of vigorous play testing, Hi-Rez Studios released a new relic into the battleground of the gods. “We’re calling it ‘Queue Regret’,” said founder and COO Todd Harris. “The main idea is that as soon as you pop it, you instantly regret queueing.” Harris explained that this is simply an evolution of existing relics. “We’ve added relics that have been good…but nothing like this. The best part is that it works for everyone in your game. The moment you activate Queue Regret, all 10 players will simultaneously feel remorse for ever starting up SMITE.” Harris shied away from talking about the technology used to make this work but he did say it’s “only something Hi-Rez could pull off.”

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