SMITECentral shutting down for a while

Thursday, Aug 17 2017  -   Jithin Sunny 0 Comment

Hey SMITE Community! We are sorry to announce that we will be shutting down SMITECentral for 2-3 months starting September. We are aiming to provide better quality content and in order to do that we need to update several things on our side. This includes revamping our website, better quality streams and more. Again we apologize that there will be a large downtime, there are other SMITE community tournaments out there such as SMITEPrime, we hope you take advantage of those still continue on the path to become a better player.


On a personal note I do not know if I will be returning to SMITECentral after the 2-3 month break; However I do have plans for myself with SMITEPrime/AVGL and getting more involved with Hand of the Gods.


Again thank you for the big support you guys have shown to SMITECentral and myself, and we hope to come back soon!


Jithin “Jithins” Sunny


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