SMITECentral HotG Tournament Update - August

Sunday, Jul 30 2017  -   Jithin Sunny 0 Comment

Hey HotG community. SMITECentral HotG tournament format will be changing for August, and with this we hope it brings more competition and of course more card packs! Starting August the new format will be a circuit format. The circuit format will mean that we will still have our regular weekly tournaments, but it will be hard seeded, and players will be given points each week for their placement. WIth this update DECKS WILL NO LONGER BE AVAILABLE TO ALL THE PLAYERS, however pantheons will be released!


Schedule: (New time)

  • Weekly Sunday’s

  • Checkins: 6:00 PM EDT - 6:50 PM EDT

  • Tournament Start: 7:00 PM EDT


The full format of the tournament

  • Single elimination, bo3 and finals bo5

    • Bronze match bo3

  • 4 decks and 1 pantheon blind banned

    • Players ban out 1 pantheon from the opposing player


  • Weekly

    • Card packs

      • 1st: 7 packs

      • 2nd: 5 packs

      • 3rd: 3 packs

      • 4th: 2 packs

      • 5th - 8th: 1 card pack

    • Points:

      • 1st: 18 points

      • 2nd: 15 points

      • 3rd: 12 points

      • 4th: 10 points

      • 5th-8th: 8 points

      • 9th-16th: 5 points

      • 17th-32nd: 3 points

      • Beyond 32: 1 point

  • Circuit

    • Card packs (top 4 players of the month/circuit)

      • 1st: 15 card packs

      • 2nd: 7 card packs

      • 3rd: 4 card packs

      • 4th: 2 card packs

    • These are ADDITIONAL card packs!


If you have questions or concerns about this new format feel free to message Jithins on Discord


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