The SPL Season 4 Saga: Part 2, Week 3

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At Week 3 of SMITE’s Spring Split, some interesting results between sets showed up - we’ve seen some upsets in both North American and European regions for SMITE.

 Let’s begin with perhaps the most dramatic event that happened: Benji, originally the solo 1laner for SoaR Gaming, left the team at a time when none of SoaR’s subs could fill in for him. The leave was sudden and unprecedented. SoaR was left with no choice but to forfeit the set against eUnited (formerly NME), and as far as people know, SoaR is out for the rest of the Spring Split. We can hope they will be back the Summer or Fall Splits later in the year. We can see a screenshot from SoaR Gaming’s group conversation here when the situation first unfolded.  Here is the support player Jigz’s take and Benji’s perspective about what exactly happened on Twitlonger.

 As a result, of course, eUnited took a default 2-0 off of SoaR Gaming. But before Benji’s departure on the final day of Week 3, the sets took some fantastic turns. Noble eSports really stepped up their game and took an entire set off of In Memory of Gabe, something quite a few people did not expect -- IMOG had been polished and dominant the season prior. There was an incredibly close Game 2 between IMOG and Noble, but the first game was a poor representation of IMOG’s true skill. In the end, Noble took both games. However, IMOG did manage to snag a game out of Eager’s hands, a split many anticipated. This set knocked EGR off of the first place spot for NA, leaving it for Luminosity!


This week, Team Allegiance also upped their ante by quite a bit. They went a straight 2-0 against eUnited, both games looking clean and swift for Allegiance. It was unfortunate they went up against NA powerhouse Luminosity in their next set. Allegiance seemed to be thrown aside by the current 1st place team in NA. We will have to wait and see if ALG surprises us by taking 1 game off of EGR in Week 4 -- or even taking the set; who knows!


FlashPointGG made a serious improvement this week -- they surprised everyone by taking a full 2-0 set against Noble! It looks like they’ve finally found a synergy that works for them. FPG was in last place with ALG, but now they’ve got points of their own. Congrats, FPG! It will be exciting to see if their victorious streak continues!


Next week in NA we’ll have to see how EGR and Luminosity fight it out. Both teams have incredible talent on board and only a split difference between them. EGR is set to take on Allegiance on Thursday and Noble on Sunday. Luminosity is going up against IMOG on Sunday as well. Currently, Luminosity is sitting at 3-1-0 with 10 points and EGR poised at 2-2-0 and 8 points. It’s a fight for the top spot.



On the European side, there were some rapid roster swaps and impressive games from teams that had lackluster performances so far. Elevate had some roster changes, putting Nulisa and N0Numbers as their new mid and solo players, respectively. These changes could have been more fruitful than anyone anticipated: they grabbed victories against EU powerhouses Dignitas and Obey Alliance during their sets! Obey is now 3rd place in EU standings, leaving Valance Squad and Dig tied for 1st.


CycloneGG has been doing fairly well so far. They managed to take a game off of the notorious NRG eSports, and they succeeded in taking one game off of LionGuard Esports as well. Of course, the first place contenders have still had the best week so far: Dig took a full set off of Sanguine eSports along with their split with Elevate, and Valance Squad took another 2-0 off of LionGuard. So far, only Dignitas, Valance, and Obey have had 0 losses.

The next week should have some decisive victories for both NA and EU! Again, let’s all hope for all the right bets, all the FP, and plenty of gems!

Katie Luo is an aspiring writer and avid gamer. You can find her on Twitter at @lucifers19 or in-game as ‘wardenmahariel’!

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