The Best is off Team Dignitas

Thursday, Aug 21 2014  -   Steven Cooper 0 Comment

With all the news of roster changes circulating about Team Dignitas, more news broke today that may be shocking to some.

According to his Tweet, some of the rumors about Team Dignitas are true, which juding by him changing his profile picture and the tone of the Tweet, he is out of the team.

TheBest has started school again and it has been hinted that Gnaw has been in the works as a replacement for TheBest for some time now. Gnaw was seen scrimming with Team Dignitas earlier in the week.

We will continue to update with further information as it becomes known.


Team Profile Page


TheBest has stated that college is not the reason has to why he is off Team Dignitas. We have reached out to TheBest for a comment, however he has declined to provide one.

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    Z Z posted 08/21/14 10:23 PM EST

    Sad to see such a talented player leave team Dignitas. I'm certain he will find a place to rejoin competitive smite. He could go to Five Angry Men, but if he does not, one team in the challenger's cup will have a HUGE advantage with theBest on their side.

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    Dakota Albers posted 08/21/14 10:44 PM EST

    It's the fact so many people like DiG because they had kept their roster with no changes for so long, anod now things are kind of happening so that, to grow, or adapt, they have to change. Sucks :/

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    Brady Vizenor posted 08/22/14 12:23 AM EST


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    Yaseen Sultan posted 08/22/14 03:53 AM EST

    So many roster changes. I hope there is no bad blood between Dig and The best. and I wish thebest all the luck in his future games.

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    Yaseen Sultan posted 08/22/14 03:57 AM EST Here is an update to the matter. Apparantly he was subbed and he felt he could do better than just a sub.

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    Tan Jia posted 08/22/14 05:40 AM EST

    I really miss the old roster of LassZapBestShadowToliy :( they were the swaggiest. But Im really hoping they still keep in contact and I wish New DiG all the best (no pun intended)

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    Z Z posted 08/22/14 09:06 AM EST Just saying, when one door closes, another opens.

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    Luka Zdjelar posted 08/22/14 04:52 PM EST

    That's too bad :'(

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    Z Z posted 08/22/14 07:59 PM EST

    Well it is official! Dignitas has a new roster.

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