Smite Season 3 Relegations Phase 1 Wrap Up

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Over the past two weeks, both EU and NA Open Bracket Tournaments were broadcasted on the SmiteGame Twitch Channel. These four tournaments hosted all the teams with dreams of getting into the SPL for the beginning of Season Three. The winners of these tournaments are moving on to Phase Two of the relegation process, where the following Open Bracket champions will face off against the champions of the Fall Split Challenger Cup

Week One:

After departing from FNATIC, Support player Badgah goes on to create a new team, "Team Leftovers" to try and work his way back into the SPL. Alongside him are noticeable names Faeles, who used to be the Jungler for Team Myrmidons, and Cherryo who was the jungler for London Conspiracy. Paired with newcomers from the combine Arkkyl and Nika, this team would become the favorites for EU in the Open Bracket. They proved deserving of the title, sweeping through all the competition to take first place without dropping a single game, thus securing their spot in Phase Two. In Phase Two they will go against Team Astro in order to potentially face off against the relegated SPL teams.

On the NA side of things, there were two teams that stood out above the rest, which were Problem Solved, and Team Flex. Problem Solved is a team that consists of five experienced and mechanically gifted players, who all left their own SPL teams in order to form this new team, which consits of Metyankey, Jigz, Hurriwind, Homiefe and Baskin. Even though Flex was favored heavily by the crowed, everyone was shocked when they saw this team play. They swept through the competition similarly to Leftovers, not dropping a single game and securing their Phase Two spot with ease. Next they will play against Risky Behavior in order to find themselves playing against the relegated teams. 

Week Two:

With the EU powerhouse team out of the Open Bracket, Week Two was a much more competitive week. After facing eachother in the quarterfinals in Week One, Clown Fiesta and Team Astro would face off again in the finals, in a best of three. Clown Fiesta would start off the series in a similar fashion to last week by winning the first game, but Astro would fight back and win the next two games and qualify for Phase Two, where they will end up going against Team Leftovers. 

Back in NA, Team Flex seemed to have control of the tournament this week, again being the crows favorites by a large margin. Made up of multiple large streamers, Lassiz, Incon, DareToCare, and MattyPocket, this team is bound to have a big following. Unhappy with their performance in the week before, Flex came out swinging in Week Two. With new name "Oceans" in the AD Carry role, Flex would go on to do what Problem Solved did in Week One, which was beat every team without dropping a single game. They will go on to Fight NeilM for the Spot in Phase 3. 


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