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The Fall Split for Smite has welcomed a few new teams into the pro scene via the Challenger Cup. CycloneGG can claim two of those teams as their own as both their Xbox and PC team went through the gauntlet of the Challenger Cup and came out on top during relegations. The Xbox team not only has come through relegations to play in the Fall Split but they are sitting in second place in EU and have shown the other teams that they belong among the top teams. With four weeks to go CycloneGG sit in second place behind Team Rival with 8 points. Even with some roster changes early in the split, they have shown the ability to draft team comps they are comfortable with and look to make LAN in their first split. Talking with the boys from CycloneGG they know it won't be an easy split but they expect to be fighting to get to world's when it is all said and done.

After the first four games of the split, CycloneGG made a change to their Roster. They brought in No Styley to fill in the ADC role that was previously held down by Naaaarrrrk. SMITE is Styley's first competitive game and he has logged over two thousand hours playing it on the Xbox since beta last year. Since joining CycloneGG not much has changed as far as the god pool that we have seen out of the ADC. No Styley has played Freya in 5 of 6 games since joining the team. In the games previous to him joining we saw Freya picked in 4 of the 5 games. Styley attributes part of that to the newest buff given to Freya.

No Styley: I think the last buff they gave Freya was unnecessary. Personally I felt that she was the strongest hyper carry before her buff, but since she has been able to compete too easily in the early game for someone that is meant to be a late game carry. I personally feel she needs a nerf of some sort to her irradiate combo with the pulse.

On the other side of the map, CycloneGG has a SMITE veteran in Ezzuna playing solo lane. He has played in numerous challenger cups on PC since the SMITE launch Tournament and was unable to crack the top 4 unfortunately. He decided to make the move to Xbox and it has proven to be the right move for his gaming career. Ezzuna has made it his mission to punish opponents in the solo lane, especially if they happen to give him Sobek. He has played Sobek a total of 4 out of his 8 games in the solo lane ( 2 games he played jungle). In those 4 games he has yet to die and sports a 26/0/52 KDA. Often out rotating his counterpart has led to big swings in team fights or ganks. He tends to favor guardians in the solo lane and if he could swap to any role he likes the support role. 

Ezzuna: 100% support, all the fun gods are in that role

While Styley shared his pre-game ritual usually involves the toilet or sleeping. Ezzuna by far has the best pre-games ritual on the team.

Ezzuna: Before every league game I scream "Feel the rhythm, Feel the rhyme, Lets go team, It's smite time!". Cool Runnings is my reason for living."

Like Ezzuna, Bloakley is also a player who has come from PC after playing in the PC Challenger Cup a few times and not getting to where he wanted to go. While Bloakley does play mid for CycloneGG, his roots are tied to hunters and that helps when they are constantly looking to pick Freya in the ADC role. He echoes the same sentiment as the rest of the team as far as Freya just being a very strong pick right now.

Bloakley:I think Freya is too strong. She's very hard to punish once she has purification, sanctuary and ult up and her autos burst tanks too fast. As an ex Hunter player neith fits my play style very well, and that mixed with the fact that freya is so busted as a characted so we like to pick that up as much as possible.

Bloakley has stuck to Neith and Medusa for the most part in the mid lane with some Raijin here and there.  Bloakley and Styley also are known to help peel for the team while Auzrik may be the one yelling "every man for himself."

DineOhSaw: Auzrik is definitely most likely to leave me to die in a team fight, whereas both No Styley and Bloakley help to peel a lot after initial engagements and help me to survive.

The combination of Bloakley's Neith with Auzrik's  Ratatoskr has been extremely potent this split. Bloakley pointed out that he thinks Rat is  Auzrik's best god and his use of the semi-global ult is great. Between Neith's ult and the Rat's, the two are able to pick off the side lines easily when they get the two Gods.

Auzrik has been able to pick The Sly Messenger in 5 of his 8 games this split. He combines with DineOhSaw as the two shot caller's on the team. With most of the objectives and rotations is done by DineOhSaw, the duties are usually between Auzrik and Dine during team fights. With the current jungle meta having changed numerous times over the past 9 months, Auzrik finds the current meta of Gods to decently diverse.

Auzrik:The current jungle meta is quite interesting, there are some very strong picks such as Nemesis and Ao Kuang but after that it's a relatively level playing-field allowing lots of more interesting picks that fit the team comp.

Although he would like to see a change to Bakasura to try and bring him up to par with the current meta.

Auzrik:If I could change one thing in smite I'd like to see bakasura's kit reworked to be more in line with those of current in-meta assassins. 

Rounding out the team is the support player, DineOhSaw. Dine is the only player on the team who has not played any specific God more than 3 times. He has shown that he can play a wide variety of supports at a high level and usually it comes down to team comps. The main shot caller for the team as well as the player keeping things positive at all times with Bloakley. Dine has brought some off meta picks into the support role this split such as Erlang Shen and really made it difficult for the enemy duo lane to get going. teaming it up with Freya the majority of the time has really helped get Styley out of the laning phase where Freya is her weakest. The expectations going into the split, for the most part, did not exist for the team but they are slowly taking shape with each passing win.

DineOhSaw:I didn't have any real expectations for the split, in the run up to relegations we hardly played the SCL teams and I therefore didn't know how we would face off against them going into the split. After these first few games I can honestly say we're pushing for second place, maybe with the potential to give rival some trouble at the top.

They have done exactly that so far through 10 games. They fell to Team Rival recently but they were playing with their coach, Salugi in the Solo lane and Ezzuna in the jungle. Auzrik was unable to make that last set against Rival. In the previous set, they split with Rival 1-1 and they have shown they can hang with the top team when they are at full strength. With all of the success that has come this split, it almost did not happen if not for Dine convincing Bloakley to jump onto the Xbox scene.

Bloakley: ​Me, Dineohsaw and Naaaarrrrk have played smite for about 1 and a half years now. I was going to buy a PS4 for SMITE but then Dine convinced me to buy an Xbox instead, which I am very thankful he did now. After leveling up to 30 we started to look for players to make a team for the next Challengers Cup on console and that's when ezzuna and our previous jungler Airbrushd joined us. It was a shaky start, but after sticking to our roster even when we were looking bleak it's really benefited us.

The boys of CycloneGG will be happy as well with the current upcoming patch to console. The majority of the players agreed that Void Shield was too strong in its current state. With the nerf hitting PC and soon console that should cater to a change they all wanted to see. They also have some help from their PC counterparts. The majority of the team has come from PC SMITE and they have an SPL team under the same organization they can turn to for any insight before patches hit Xbox.


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