When Will we Stop Doubting Pain and Enemy Esports?

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PainDeViande has established himself as one of the best and brightest minds in Smite so far. He went from Challengers Cup at the begginning of Season 2, to second place at Worlds. Pain and his crew were known as the "Dark Horse" team throughout Regionals and Worlds, due to the fact that no one thought they would get as far as they did. Lets start with a little history lesson as to how Pain got to where he is now starting in Season 2. 

After failing to qualify for Season 1 regionals with a team, for Season 2 he went on to create Legion, featuring himself, and well known names like DjPernicus and ADUR0. Legion fell short of qualifying for the SPL during the Spring SPL Qualifiers, which meant they would have to work there way up from the Challengers Cup. Legion did just that as they finished at 2nd seed to Team Eager, and they both qualified for the SPL because of the expansion to 8 teams. After renaming to Legion of Carrots, Pain and the team eventually took 6th, and avoiding relegations. However, in between the Summer and Fall Split, Pain made a decision that will probably stick with him for the rest of his career. It was announced that none of the 4 players on the Legion of Carrots roster would be playing with Pain anymore, and he had gone to pick up 4 completely new players, ones which we havent heard of much up until this point. This new roster was soon picked up by Enemy Esports, which they are now known as today. From here on out, PainDeViande would be known as the "bad guy" in the Smite scene, and after an underwhelming 6th place finish in the Fall Split, no fans were very confident in the team as they headed into Super Regionals. However, no one expected what was about to happen there. In the First round of the tournament, Enemy played against Team SoloMid. This was considered a toss up by the analysts, but the advantage was given to TSM to take the set, which was not what happened at all. Enemy cleaned the floor with TSM 3-1 and advanced to the semis. At that point, the viewers and the analysts all contributed that victory to the overall downfall of TSM, with no credit to Enemy. In the semifinals, they played against Team EnVyUs, which was a team that dominated the first half of the Fall split, yet couldnt quite get there footing during the latter half. EnVy was predicted to win the set 3-2, but Enemy upset the favorites for a second time, winning that set 3-2 and qualifying for SWC. Again, it was said many times that the victory only happened because EnVy was on a downward trend, which was true, but still very minimal credit was given to the seemingly unstoppable Enemy roster. Enemy had their turn though, as Cloud 9 would eventually beat them 3-0 in the Regional Finals. 

When SWC finally came around, everyone was calling Enemy the "Dark Horse" of the tournament. Even after proving themselves during the entire Regional Tournament, people refused to take them seriously. Enemy would change that as they blew through all of the competition in SWC, beating teams like Fnatic and Paradigm, which would land them in the Grand Finals against Epsilon. It was at this point where Pain and his crew would get the recognition they deserved over the past couple months, but it wasn't enough to stand up to the European powerhouse Epsilon. 

Come Season 3, Pain did it again. due to some internal struggles that apparently had been happening for a while, Vetium, Benj1 (saltmachine) and new jungler Masked departed from Enemy Esports. Now, Pain has recruited 3 more players to the team that are relatively unknown, and it is almost like the started over. Everyone that made their own pre-season rankings predicted that Enemy will not even be in the top 4 at the end of this split, which is something that I am guilty of as well. But so far Pain has proven again that he is one of the brightest minds in Smite.

What is it that makes Enemy Esports such a force? There are many different questions we can ask. Is Pain just that good? Is he the Jedi equivalent of a team captian and can see the potential and skill someone has before even they can see it? No one really knows except for Pain. What matters is that Pains ability to trust in his teammates and also lead them as a team captian is seemingly unparallelled to anyone elses in the game. The way Enemy is performing, i would no longer be suprised if they were invited to Dreamhack in the Summer. 


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