SPL Spring Finals Preview

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The conclusion of the SPL Spring Gauntlet gave us the final three teams, and it’s time to get ready for the Spring Finals LAN. We’ll get to see some OCE and LATAM teams on LAN for the first time in Season 4. As well as the new superstar teams, Obey and LG with Baskin, also for the first time on LAN. It will be an exciting tournament for sure, with some tough match-ups. Let’s get into it.

Teams to Watch

Obey: This team is looking unstoppable right now. They only lost one game during the online portion of the split and the only reason they lost that game was due to them using troll picks. Obey is honestly looking like one of, if not the best team in the world right now and it would not be surprising if they won the tournament cleanly.

Eager: The top seed out of NA is looking fairly strong as well. You can never know if Eager is going to pop off or not, due to their wide range of pocket picks. They could come out with a successful strategy (the Bastet split push at Super Regionals) or they could come out with a more mediocre strategy (their Anubis play at SWC 2017). If I were gambling on them, I would guess that they’re going to come in ready to win.

Luminosity: Luminosity has looked extremely strong mechanically so far in Season 4. Their main downfall has been their drafting. It seems they sometimes make poor choices in what they pick and ban and it ends up taking easy wins away from them. If they can pull it together and draft smart, they could be a top contender to win the LAN. It would be a rough couple of days for them though, with them facing some red hot teams like Rival and Obey in the first two rounds.

Rival: They surprised everybody at the Gauntlet, shutting up all the haters. Can they repeat their success here at the Finals? They will face their greatest challenge yet against LG in the first round and an even tougher opponent in Obey if they can win their first set. They’ve proven that they are not a team to count out, and their momentum from their Gauntlet run could carry them to their second LAN win of the year.

Hardest Path to Victory

NRG: It will be hard for any of the teams at LAN to win it all, but none have it harder than NRG. The 2-time world champions have not looked great recently, and because they placed as the wildcard, they’re put in a tough spot. Their first round is against the OCE champions, LG Dire Wolves. If they can win that, they will have a world stage rematch against Obey, who are looking much better than they did a few months ago. If they somehow manage to win that set as well, they have to face either LG or Rival just to get to the final round. Then they have to win ANOTHER set against whoever wins the lower half of the bracket. The Gauntlet saw them lose their LAN winning streak. Can they regain their spot on top this time around? It will be a rough road ahead for them.


The Finals hold the potential to be an exciting weekend of play. Most of the teams have a good chance of winning it and they’ll all be fighting their hardest for the top spot. This will be the last of the Season 4 Spring Split we see, and hopefully, it will be a good conclusion to an extremely competitive split. After this, it is on to the Summer Split and Dreamhack. It’s a good time to be a Smite fan.

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